Since 1947, members of Ridgewood Country Club have considered 7301 Fish Pond Road in Waco as the address to their second home.

Steeped in this tradition, we have always given members an “exceeding-all-expectations” brand of service. This attitude has long inspired us to provide lifelong members — along with their families, guests, and friends — with some of their most special moments and experiences.

We recognize that you cherish making memories with loved ones. Beyond that, you may also want to develop and nurture other types of community relationships.

Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned executive, make Ridgewood Country Club your second home. We have a broad array of memberships that can be tailored to meet the needs of today’s contemporary professionals.

This is where you find it all. We cater to business and professional people, young families and older adults. They all meet here to lend a feeling of “family” and enjoy any number of activities and events, or just simply to recharge.

To learn more about membership opportunities, contact our Membership Director, Stacy Williams. She can be reached by calling 254-224-8626 or via e-mail at She will help answer your questions about membership fees, monthly dues and so on.

As a private club, Ridgewood has an application process, and membership applications are subject to review and approval. Stacy will help guide you through a customary, yet simple, process.

  • Membership Classifications
    • Regular Shareholding Membership

      Amenities include unlimited golf and electric carts, tennis, clubhouse, fitness, pool, marina and voting privileges.

      Corporate Membership

      Three memberships must be maintained. The first must be a Regular Shareholding Membership and has voting rights; the 2nd and 3rd (or more) Memberships may be other Regular Memberships or Social or Dining only Memberships and are offered at 2/3 the usual initiation fees. These memberships are transferable to others in the corporation.

      Junior Golf Membership (Ages 21-36)

      Amenities include unlimited golf and electric carts, tennis, clubhouse, fitness, pool, and marina. There are two categories of Junior Memberships based on age. A Junior must convert to a Regular Shareholding membership at age 36. The initiation fee goal is the same as the Regular Membership, but there is a payment plan.

      Social Membership

      Amenities include tennis, clubhouse, fitness, pool and marina and golf once every 30 days with paid green fees.

      Non-Resident Membership

      Amenities include golf and complimentary electric carts, tennis, clubhouse, fitness center, pool and marina. The Non-Resident must reside outside a 75 mile radius of the City of Waco, Texas. The Non-Resident member has the privilege of playing 24 rounds of golf per year.

      Dining Only Membership

      Amenities include restaurant, bar, banquet facilities and Club social events. Dues plus a monthly Food and Beverage Minimum.

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